The Sociology of Emotions: Basic Theoretical Arguments
Historical Research on the Self and Emotions
Emotions, identity, literature and national mythology: Bidirectional bonds
The emotions in the poetry of the Bulgarian National Revival: Implicated and explicated publicity
On the banks of the Danube
National Revival Anger and Satisfaction about a Political Principle, Or: How did the Bulgarians Experience the Establishment of Their Early State Borders?
La traduction comme miroir du rapport à l’identité nationale et à l’altérité en France et en Bulgarie
Social identity and social action in Wales: The role of group emotions
Emotional content and politics of national identity
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Between Pride and Shame
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Education in History and Emotions
Sites of memory: debates and myths
Invented emotions and practical reason
Invented emotions and practical reason
Once more on the Porosity of the Walls between the Identities
Emotional uses of the past The National Revival Period as Golden Age
Judas’ treachery figure of memory
Emotional responses to the Bulgarian Question: the case of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
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