Vanya Angelova

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
    agnostic, but following the tradition - baptized as Christian orthodox
  • Level of education
    Higher Education in Philology
  • Family status (children included)
    Divorces with three children
  • Place of birth (town, state)
    Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Now living in (town, state)
    Thessalonica, Greece

1. Female human being. With Bulgarian ethnicity and cosmopolitan mind.

2. In the first place – woman. Then – mother. Further – a person of culture, of words. It has always been so and I could not see how it could change. The place in social hierarchy and profession are variable things, not so important for me.

3. Yes. I do read as a child and as young. I am a product of books and films. The family background had a little influence on my formation as a person.

4. Classical Russian literature created me as a person with intellectual aspirations, with an inclination towards self-sacrifice and selflessness, with rather romantic notions. Later rock music corrected these aberrations.

5. There are, of course. The list would be too long.

6. In practical life, there are obstacles. On the other hand, they help when you have to make decisions. Besides, they give the feeling of personal freedom, obviously relative.

7. Nothing special. You cannot move your house but you can build a home everywhere. Everywhere people are the same – some of them good, others nasty. Nobody forces you to choose a nasty social environment.

8. The consequences? Now I live in a place with a much warmer climate. For me this is priceless.

9. Probably something, that has to do with nostalgia. However, I do not feel nostalgic. Moreover, the borders are opened, if it grabs me, I can always come back to Bulgaria. The world is big but not so big. The important thing is to feel easy in soil, wherever you are. The place is not important.