Questionnaire applied on the Bulgarians living in Portugal


Nikola Vulchev, Zlatka Timenova

With the aim to complete the project "The Balkan identities in the Bulgarian culture" a questionnaire was constructed in order to evaluate the social identities of the Bulgarian citizens living in Portugal. The questions were grouped in five sections: 1) general information about the respondent; 2) six questions that are aimed to assess the identification of the participant with various social identities; 3) six questions that are aimed to evaluate the importance given by the participant to his identification with various social identities; 4) questions aimed to assess the influence of various factors on the social identity of the participant; 5) some additional questions related to various aspects of the social identity of the participant. In total 42 individuals responded to the questionnaire, from which 23 were male, 18 - female (1 missing value), mean age was 34.1 years.
The results show a strong tendency of the participants to identify themselves with the Bulgarian identity, the ethnic group and the religious group. We found a weaker tendency to accept the identification with the professional group and the group of people from the birth place of the respondent. We found also a clear identification with the positive models in the Bulgarian culture and the national and religious holydays.
The results of the study are used to suggest some guidelines for future investigations.