Desislava Puteva

Desislava Puteva

Age: 26
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Bulgarian, although I catch myself thinking in English quite often.
Religion: I’ve been baptized in a Christian orthodox church and I’ve been raised to be a “believer”, but I’m definitely not religious.
Level of education: Master of Print Media
Family status: Unmarried
Place of birth : Sevlievo, Bulgaria
Now living in: Sofia, Bulgaria

1. I’d probably use Oiler’s circles, if I have to visualize a collective point of knowledge, abilities and believes, which this so-called identity contains.

I grasp its definition as a self-determination and accepting yourself as a part of a group (or groups) of people and living in a certain habitat.

I am Bulgarian. I am a daughter of two people, who have weird nicknames, because they are a bit mad. :) I am a part of my friends’ flock, formed by two sheep, a bull and a penguin and we talk to each other in a formal way. I am a “drained” raven… because of a part I used to play at the University theatre. I am a Bachelor in Philosophy and a Master of Print Media. I am I person who wouldn’t dare to call herself a journalist. I am a girl, who has a “different” (from the common believes) sexual orientation. I am many other things.

2. I think that the national identity has superiority over the others. The social identity and my family identity are almost equal, although my friend’s support is more important to me, because they are my closest people and they make me feel at home.

The professional identity may be at the back of the line, but it’s quite important, because it widens your potential, way beyond the comfortable zone you are in.

I don’t think that my sexual or confessional identity were ever somewhat important in my life.

It’s quite possible that order of these layers was different in particular moments in my life, but I don’t think they’ve changed dramatically.

3. My family influenced forming my identity the most. I’m talking about my parents and my relatives. Then comes my curiosity and interest in arts; the interests, influenced by my friends, by my partners, by media.

4. I see a great deal of myself in Dessie – a heroine John Steinback’s book “East of Eden”. The writer says that she’s not what you would call a pretty girl, but her radiance drives men crazy.

My identity could be described with a melodramatic screenplay in which love is never a mutual feeling or it’s impossible. But that’s not always a bad thing. :)

Recently I realized that I’m enchanted by Jamie Woon’s music and this gorgeous voice, because I see a great deal of myself in him as well. Just like me, he’s emotional in a melancholic way.

5. As I already mentioned, these images/ figures are part of “East of Eden”, as well as “The Lord of the rings” by Tolkien, ”The various flavours of coffee” by Anthony Capella, Georgy Gospodinov’s “Physics of sorrow”, Chekhov’s short stories…

These are the movies I see these images in - “Schindler’s list”, “Passion of mind”, “Beyond borders”, “The lake house”, „Step up”, “Pina”, “Midnight in Paris”, „I am a slave”, “ The Pursuit of Happiness”, “Underworld”… :)

6. I’m not sure I understand the question…

7. You start fighting with your own fears and gilt, spread all over you because of all these stereotypes the society lives with.

8. Living somewhere else is my own choice and has even an ambition. Now I have freedom of choice for uncountable amounts of things and more possibilities for improving my skills and knowledge. Independence… to some extent.

9. Which one of them all? ;) I’d probably say… I feel my identity most strongly in situations which I can predict.

10. Well… the translation wouldn’t be accurate, so I’d rather leave it like that:
"Окончателно определените неща не са живи." Юнуз Юнуз