The Woman as the Other

Amelija Licheva.

The text is based on the broad concept of ideology (ideology not merely as a devotion to a cause but also ideology as a network of practices and beliefs; ideology as a fruit of subconscious images of the other and to oneself; ideology even as a manner of dressing and style of bearing...), established by Louis Althusser and leaning on the Lacan’s psychoanalysis and on the postmodern research related to the otherness, to the marginal groups andcultures, the relations between them and the ability for agreement among them. To this effect the feminism is treated as one of the present day’s most representative ideologies of otherness. None the less the accent is not put only on the differentiation but also on the self-knowledge, self-determination, acquiring of identity. The problem is to trace out to what extent ideologies of otherness are associated to the principles of tolerance and dialogism. That’s why the text is focusisng mainly on the facts, related to the modifications to which Feminism, as a ideology of otherness, is subject in Bulgaria.

The project’s aim shall be not merely to investigate in particular one of the ideologies of otherness and its "implementation" in post-totalitarian Bulgaria, but also to attempt of juxtaposing, of entangling West-European and American models of speech to the Bulgarian model. Because that is a way for mutual penetration of cultures, for achievement of more transparency and for cultivation of mutual interest and higher tolerance, too.