Bulgarian Identity in Dramaturgy During the Period of Bulgarian Revival

Nikoleta Patova.

Dramaturgy during the period of Bulgarian Revival takes part in the attempts of defining the subject of the national community. With regard of the common sense of the nation it has legitimating and normative function. The historical dramaturgy legitimates Bulgarians through recalling their own past as a state. In the same time, together with the dramas, witches are commenting upon events of the latest times, it determines the concepts to of praise-worthy and disgraceful behavior from the point of view of defended or violated community honor.

Searching of matchlessness and the proves of prestige dramaturgy in the period of Bulgarian Revival finds in the comparing with The Others. The comparing, witch always ands in a benefit of Our owns. The most understandable Different is the one of the neighbors. Therefore the Balkan identities are presented as an antithesis of Bulgarian one. Dramaturgy expose them synonymous through the figures of The Intriguer, The Rsvisher, The Barbarian, The Insidious Beauty. During the time when the national identity is shaping and imposing, The Different is still a thread and provoke the proverbial for the Balkan nations intolerance in the judgments about The Other.