The Image of the Religion Syndrom in the Balkans

Jasmina Mojsieva-Guseva.

In this article, which presents numerous examples from the Balkan literatures, we would like to emphasize the significance of the problem of the religious syndrom in the Balkans and its distortion throughout 20th century. All positive universal messages of religion, such as religious ethics and patience, today have been lost and given way to the Western logic of nonexistence of limits and of overcoming obstructions by means of violence.

Due to its specific location, the Balkans is very convenient for the implementation of the Western logic and for the ignition of religious conflicts. With this paper we would like to point out the fact that discarding the positive impact of religions has also been a practice on the Balkans in the 20th century, where there are only a few real believers, as compared to unbelievers, who use the cover of religion only to justify their egotistic conduct.